5th Computer Science Annual Workshop CSAW 2007

Organised by the CSAI Department - University of Malta

Workshop Programme

Day 1
9.00 9.30 Opening Formalities
9.30 10.30 Dr. Satnam Singh New Directions in Parallel Functional Programming
10.30 11.00 Coffee Break
11.00 11.20 Gordon Pace A Strongly Typed, Component-Based Embedded Hardware Description Language
11.20 11.40 Christian Tabone and Gordon Pace Embedding a Hardware Description Language in a Functional Meta-Programming Language
11.40 12.00 Maria Grima and Gordon Pace An Embedded Geometrical Language in Haskell: Construction, Visualisation, Proof
12.00 12.20 Gaetano Caruana and Gordon Pace Embedded Languages for Origami-Based Geometry
12.20 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 14.20 Matthew Rizzo Adaptive Jukebox: A Context-Sensitive Playlist Generator
14.20 14.40 Christian Colombo and John Abela Kanban Scheduling System
14.40 15.00 Gail Cassar and Patrick Abela Transactional CSP Processes
15.00 16.00 Coffee Break + Demo Transactional CSP Processes Demo / Adaptive Jukebox Demo
16.00 16.20 Alan Cassar and Kevin Vella High Performance Staged Event-Driven Middleware
16.20 16.40 Stephen Fenech and Gordon Pace Model Checking Concurrent Assembly Algorithms
16.40 17.00 John Abela Representation does Matter

Day 2
9.00 9.20 Steven Caruana and Matthew Montebello Semantic Web Trust: The next step in web evolution
9.20 9.40 Abigail Cauchi, Jennifer Fenech, Karl Fenech and Luana Micallef KIKI - A Key to the Integration of Knowledge and Innovation
9.40 10.00 Mark Vella Mi-Learn: An evaluation of an m-learning management system
10.00 10.20 Claudia Borg and Mike Rosner Language Technologies for an eLearning Scenario
10.20 11.20 Coffee Break + Demo KIKI Mi-Learn DEMOS
11.20 11.40 Christian Colombo and Gordon Pace Aspect-Oriented Programming for Temporal Properties in Security-Critical Software
11.40 11.50 Sandro Spina, Gordon Pace and Frederic Lang Interface Generation for Compositional Verification using Graph Reduction techniques
11.50 12.10 Mike Rosner Phrase Extraction for Machine Translation
12.10 12.30 Vanessa Camilleri and Matthew Montebello Flexible Learning Services - an insight into personalised learning systems
12.30 14.00 Lunch Break
14.00 14.20 Nicholas Micallef and Matthew Montebello The Deployment of Major Principles of Pervasive Computing on Wearable Devices
14.20 14.40 Bjorn Azzopardi and Matthew Montebello Semantic eBroker
14.40 15.00 Chris Staff and Charlie Abela Comparing Title Only and Full Text Indexing to Classify Web Pages into Bookmark Categories
15.00 15.30 Coffee Break
15.30 15.50 Claudia Borg and Mike Rosner and Gordon Pace Towards Automatic Extraction of Definitions from Text
15.50 16.10 Carmel Azzopardi and Matthew Montebello An On-line Educational Portal for Teachers and Students in a Subject Department
16.10 16.30 Joel Azzopardi Automatic Clustering of News Reports
16.50 17.00 Closing Formalities


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Ascent Software
Computer Society of Malta
Malta Council for Science and Technology
Bank of Valletta

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