5th Computer Science Annual Workshop CSAW 2007

Organised by the CS & AI Departments - University of Malta

Accepted Demos

The following is a list of demos that will be presented during the workshop


The Mi-Learn project has the overall objective of assessing the suitability of m-learning within the context of a university campus. M-learning has the potential of enabling the building of a mobile learning infrastructure for the University of Malta.

Extended abstract can be found here

Adaptive JukeBox

This demo presents the Adaptive Jukebox - a zero-input playlist generator aimed at computer users. The system's user model can learn the user's preferences in various contexts. It uses a number of sources of context such as application context, mouse and keyboard activity, time of day and day of week, level of brightness, sky conditions, outside temperature and facial expressions

Extended abstract can be found here


In this demo, we present KIKI as a tentative solution to various obstacles hindering the proliferation of ICT within the educational domain. KIKI is a prototypical system devised following extensive research on learning paradigms, including collaboration and the use of games within the educational context.

Extended abstract can be found here

Transactional CSP Processes

Transactional CSP Processes provides an API through which the application developer can define long-lived transactions. Concurrency and transaction handling are managed by the framework transparently from the application developer. Therefore, we will be demonstrating how a developer would use the framework to define long lived transactions in terms of their activities and composition structure.

Extended abstract can be found here


Microsoft Research
Ascent Software
Computer Society of Malta
Malta Council for Science and Technology
Bank of Valletta

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