Name Presentation
1. Frédéric Boulanger (Supélec - Département Informatique) Domain-Polymorph Synchronous Components
2. Christian Brunette (INRIA Rennes/IRISA - ESPRESSO) Overview of meta-modeling works for multi-clocked environments
3. Zbigniew Chamski (Philips Electronic Design and Tools) Heads-Up on 1) dataflow vs control-flow; 2) multi-dimentional time
4. Joseph Cordina (University of Malta)
5. Jérôme Cornet (Verimag/CNRS) Definition of transactional abstraction levels needed for a precise architecture evaluation in the Systems-on-Chip Design Flow
6. Karlston D'Emanuele (University of Malta)
7. Gwenaël Delaval (Inria Rhône-Alpes)
8. Adrian Francalanza (University of Malta)
9. Abdoulaye Gamatié (INRIA) Toward Clocks in the Gaspard Data-Parallel Metamodel
10. Thierry Gautier (INRIA) A tour in the open-source SIGNAL compiler
11. Alain Girault (INRIA) Fault-tolerant reactive programs with automatic program transformations
12. Gregor Goessler (INRIA)
13. Nicolas Halbwachs (VERIMAG/CNRS)
14. Erwan Jahier (VERIMAG/CNRS) Lurette, Lutin and Co
15. Bertrand Jeannet (IRISA/INRIA) Verifying Hybrid Systems with NBac
16. Elodie Malgouyres (LIP6)
17. Louis Mandel (Universite Paris 6) Reactive ML: Top-Level Interactive Definition of Reactive Programs
18. Florence Maraninchi (VERIMAG/INPGrenoble)
19. Christophe Mauras (LINA) A comparison of boolean and rational solvers for interpreted automata verification
20. Michael Mendler (University of Bamberg) Constructive Circuits and Reactive Types
22. Gordon Pace (University of Malta) SharpHDL: An Embedded Hardware-Description and Refinement Language
24. Florence Plateau (LRI)
25. Marc Pouzet (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (P6)) N-Synchronous Kahn Networks: a Relaxed Model of Synchrony for Real-Time Systems
A Conservative Extension of Synchronous Data-flow with State Machine
26. Steffen Prochnow (Kiel University) KIEL - Textual and Graphical Representations of Statecharts
27. Pascal Raymond (VERIMAG-CNRS) Semantics of Lutin
28. Martin Richard (École des Mines de Nantes)
29. Eric Rutten (INRIA Futurs / LIFL) Introducing Control in the Gaspard2 Data-Parallel Metamodel: Synchronous Approach
30. Mary Sheeran (Chalmers University of Technology)
31. Rudrapatna Shyamasundar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) Formal Semantics of SystemC
32. Sandro Spina (University of Malta)
33. David Stauch (VERIMAG) Aspect-Oriented Programming for Reactive Systems
34. Olivier Tardieu (Columbia University) Dead Code Elimination in Esterel
35. Claus Traulsen (Kiel University) KIEL - Textual and Graphical Representations of Statecharts
36. Tarmo Uustalu (Institute of Cybernetics) Comonadic Dataflow Programming
37. Christine Vella (University of Malta)