The Computer Science Annual Workshop

10th and 11th November 2016
Dolmen Resort Hotel, Qawra, Malta

CSAW is an informal work-in-progress workshop that is organised annually by the University of Malta's Department of Computer Science. It serves as a forum for staff and students at the University of Malta and the Maltese computing industry to share and discuss ongoing computer science research in a relaxed environment. Through CSAW the Department of Computer Science aims to foster relationships between academia and industry and also among academics, and provide an opportunity to exchange feedback on early-stage research and explore new avenues and opportunities. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

CSAW does not produce formal proceedings, since the workshop is intended as a forum for discussing ongoing research. Submissions describing the work being presented should be in the form of a two-page abstract. A printed copy of all abstracts will be made available to participants on the day of the workshop. You can download the Latex template here.

Important Dates

Title submission deadline:      22nd October 2016
Two-page abstract deadline: 4th November 2016
Workshop: 10th and 11th November 2016


Thursday 10th November 2016
08:30 Coffee
09:00 Joshua Ellul Towards WebAssembly for Resource Constrained Systems
09:30 Adrian Mizzi, Joshua Ellul and Gordon Pace D’Artagnan: An Embedded DSL for Embedded Systems
10:00 Brian Vella (Ixaris) Addressing Backward Compatibility in Contract-First Services
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Mark Vella Forensic Analysis of Android Binder
11:30 Robert Abela and Mark Vella Analysing program memory to identify exploit primitives inside malicious scripts
12:00 Kevin Vella and Alan Zammit Exploring nested window management
12:30 Gordon Pace Designing Politicks
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Chris Porter and Mark Micallef Informing and Guiding the Testing Process using HCI Techniques
15:00 Brandon Birmingham and Adrian Muscat Feature Generation and Selection for Predicting Spatial Relationships in 2D Images
15:30 Adrian De Barro, Keith Bugeja and Sandro Spina Two-Phase Irradiance Cache for P2P Rendering
16:00 Coffee
16:30 Adrian De Barro, Keith Bugeja and Sandro Spina Context-based data propagation for P2P Rendering
17:00 Kevin Napoli, Keith Bugeja and Kevin Vella Topology discovery in multi-switch Ethernet networks
17:00 Claudia Borg, Albert Gatt, Ray Fabri Morphological analysis as a classification problem
Friday 11th November 2016
08:30 Coffee
09:00 Luke Chircop, Christian Colombo and Mark Micallef Exploring possible Approaches and Challenges for the Extraction of Runtime Monitors from Tests
09:30 Luke Chircop, Mark Micallef and Christian Colombo Extracting Runtime Monitors from Tests: What we have learned so far
10:00 Luke Chircop, Christian Colombo and Mark Micallef Improving the Automatic Runtime Monitor Generation Process via Pruning: A way forward
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Duncan Paul Attard and Adrian Francalanza Towards Modular Monitoring for Concurrent Systems
11:30 John Aquilina Alamango and Adrian Francalanza A Typechecking Approach to Ensure Monitor Correctness
12:00 Annalizz Vella and Adrian Francalanza Monitorability of Contracts for Web Services
12:30 Gordon Pace "And that's where things started going wrong..."
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Neville Grech and Adrian Francalanza Unified Information and Pointer Analysis
15:00 Shaun Azzopardi, Gordon Pace and Christian Colombo Clarva - Residual control-flow static analysis for finite-state properties with conditions and actions
15:30 Aldrin Seychell (Ixaris) Caching Entities using Actors in a Distributed System
16:00 Coffee
16:30 Yonas Leguesse, Mark Vella and Joshua Ellul A taxonomy-driven assessment of Android malware sandboxes
17:00 Shaun Azzopardi, Gordon Pace and Christian Colombo Regulation specification and automatic static and dynamic checks generation in the OPE

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