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Task Description NoodleMaps Street and Canals View is ready to map out the planet Mars. A robot with a 360 degree camera has been designed and built to travel around on the rough terrain of the red planet which has already been mapped but not photographed. Due to budget constraints, the solar-powered robot will not have an inbuilt AI, but will have a hardwired sequence of directions to follow once landed at a specific location.

Your task is to write a program, which given a map of the terrain of Mars and the landing spot of the robot, produces a sequence of instructions which maximises the photographed land on Mars within a short period after landing (for the service to go online before competing ones).

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Tools To help you in your task of designing optimal paths, two tools are being made available. The scoring program can be used to determine the path scores. This is a basic Java program which should run on every platform. In order to help you visualise the map and the path the robot is travelling the MarsXplore viewer was developed. The program is written in Java, however please note that for the tool to work properly OpenGL2 needs to be set up on your machines. Readme files in both downloads describe how both tools are used.
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Submissions Through this form you can upload and check your submissions during the competition. You may upload a solution as many times as you want. The latest upload before Sunday 28th February 2010, 20:00 Standard Zeus Time will be used as the team's submission. Make sure that you upload one zip file which includes (i) a text file identifying the team and any special notes/instructions; (ii) an executable file and (iii) any other necessary files. The program and additional files must reside in a single directory. No source file, installation packages, or programs which require absolute filepaths will be accepted. All programs will be run on a Pentium PC running Windows, to enable fair execution time comparison if required. Any submissions not in this format will automatically be disqualified.

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