28 September 2005

09:00  Introduction and Welcome
09:05Overview of the Day's Programme
Guest Speakers
09:10Facilitating a sustained ICT Research & Innovation activity in MaltaJoanna Azzoppardi - Ministry of Information Technology and Investment
09:30(presentation title to yet to be provided)Alan Zammit - GO Mobile
09:50E-learning in higher education - effect on roles and practicesAnn Bygholm - Aalborg University, Denmark
10:10Coffee & Biscuits
Formal Methods
10:40Verifying Hardware CompilersGordon Pace
11:00Source-level runtime validation through interval temporal logicKarlston D'Emanuele
Internet Technologies
11:20Semantically Annotate Everything?Matthew Montebello
11:40SEMANTEXPLORER: A semantic web browserSimon Scerri
12:00Coffee & Biscuits
Machine Learning
12:30Search Diversification Techniques for Grammatical InferenceSandro Spina
12:50Conversational Case-Based Reasoning for Personalised Service Discovery and CompositionCharlie Abela

29 September 2005

09:00Overview of the Day's Programme
Guest Speakers
09:05Whatever You Are Doing, Stop, Because Everything We Know Is Wrong - The management of large-scale projects in a European contextBruce Durie, Strathclyde University, Scotland
09:25(no presentation title provided as yet)Patrick Abela - Ixaris Systems
Software Quality Assurance
09:45Measuring the Functionality of Online StoresMark Micallef
10:15Coffee & Biscuits
Undergraduate Short-Paper Competition
10:30Improving E-learning Technologies: Motivating students to learnGail Cassar
10:45Crawler Store Keeper Files for DownloadClinton Cutajar
Programming Language Design
11:15Describing and verifying FFT circuits and other circuits using SharpHDLChristine Vella
E-Learning I
11:35Language Technology for eLearningMike Rosner
11:45COLLEGE - A Collaborative On-Line Lecture Environment for Group and Individual eLearningChris Staff
12:05Coffee & Biscuits
E-Learning II
12:25A framework for truly adaptive Virtual Learning EnvironmentsFrankie Inguanez
Software Engineering
12:45An Enterprise Integration Project Management FrameworkMark Vella
13:05Closing Note and Announcement of Undergraduate Paper Competition Winner