CSAW '05 Presentations

  1. Ann Bygholm (Aalborg University, Denmark), E-learning in higher education - effect on roles and practices
  2. Bruce Durie (Strathclyde University, Scotland), Whatever You Are Doing, Stop, Because Everything We Know Is Wrong - The management of large-scale projects in a European context

  3. Charlie Abela, Conversational Case-Based Reasoning for Personalised Service Discovery and Composition
  4. Gail Cassar, Improving E-learning Technologies: Motivating students to learn
  5. Clinton Cutajar, Crawler Store Keeper Files for Download
  6. Karlston D'Emanuele, Source-level runtime validation through interval temporal logic
  7. Frankie Inguanez, A framework for truly adaptive Virtual Learning Environments
  8. Mark Micallef, Measuring the Functionality of Online Stores
  9. Matthew Montebello, Semantically Annotate Everything?
  10. Gordon Pace, Verifying Hardware Compilers
  11. Mike Rosner, Language Technology for eLearning
  12. Simon Scerri, SEMANTEXPLORER: A semantic web browser
  13. Sandro Spina, Search Diversification Techniques for Grammatical Inference
  14. Chris Staff, COLLEGE - A Collaborative On-Line Lecture Environment for Group and Individual eLearning
  15. Christine Vella, Describing and verifying FFT circuits and other circuits using SharpHDL
  16. Mark Vella, An Enterprise Integration Project Management Framework