CSAW '04 Presentations

  1. Ernest Cachia and Mark Micallef, Towards Effectively Appraising Online Stores
  2. Andrew Calleja, Simulo Tempestas
  3. Michel Camilleri, Forecasting Using Techniques in Non-Linear Time Series Analysis
  4. Joseph Cordina, The Use of Model Checking for the Verification of Concurrent Algorithms
  5. Paulseph-John Farrugia, TTS Pre-processing Issues for Mixed Language Support
  6. Keith Fenech, Low-latency message passing over Gigabit Ethernet clusters
  7. Matthew Montebello, Semantic Web-Services or Semantic-Web Services?
  8. Robert Muscat, Automatic Document Clustering Using Topic Analysis
  9. Gordon Pace, Monadic Compositional Parsing with Context Using Maltese as a Case Study
  10. Derrick Pisani, Matrix Decomposition Algorithms for Feature Extraction
  11. Mike Rosner, Improving the Performance of Corpus-Driven Bilingual Lexicon Extraction
  12. James Scicluna, Charlie Abela and Matthew Montebello, Visual Modeling of OWL-S Services
  13. Sandro Spina and John Abela, Non-Monotonic Search Strategies for Grammatical Inference
  14. Kenneth Spiteri, Regulating E-Commerce Using XML
  15. Christopher Staff and Robert Muscat, Expanding Query Terms in Context
  16. Nikolai Sultana, Reading between the lines of code: visualising a program's lifetime
  17. Christine Vella, SharpHDL - A Hardware Description Language Embedded in C#
  18. Wallace Wadge, Distributed Application Reliability on Unstable, Dynamic, P2P-based Platforms