CSAW '03 Presentations

  1. Charlie Abela, Semantic Web Services Composition
  2. John Abela, Thue Systems for Pattern Recognition
  3. Patrick Abela, Implementing "The MATRIX"
  4. Malcolm Attard, Ubiquitous Web Services
  5. Josef Bajada, Mobile Positioning for Location Dependent Services in GSM Networks
  6. Steven Busuttil, Support Vector Machines
  7. Ernest Cachia, Grammatically Driven Class Derivation
  8. Sinclair Calleja, Maltese Speech Recognition over Mobile Telephony
  9. Joseph Cordina, A Summary of Research in System Software and Concurrency at the University of Malta - High Speed Networking
  10. Paulseph Farrugia, Text-To-Speech Technologies for Mobile Telephony Services
  11. Aaron Galea, Open-domain Surface-Based Question Answering System
  12. Kristian Guillauimier, General Chromosome representation for Genetic Algorithms
  13. Mark Micallef, A metrication and comparison framework for e-commerce systems
  14. Matthew Montebello, WWW2: Second Generation Web - Semantic Web
  15. Andre Muscat, A Log Analysis based Intrusion Detection System for the creation of a Specification Based Intrusion Prevention System
  16. Sergio Muscat, Enhancing Distributed Systems through Web Services
  17. Gordon Pace, Computer Aided Verification: How to Trust a Machine with Your Life
  18. Mike Rosner, Finite State Models of Linguistic Phenomena in Maltese
  19. Sandro Spina, A Risk Driven State Merging Algorithm for Learning DFAs
  20. Chris Staff, Achieving User Adaptivity in Hyperspace using HyperContext
  21. Ingrid Talbott, Learning About The Learner: Deducing Learner Characteristics From Their Interaction With E-Learning Tools
  22. Kevin Vella, A Summary of Research in System Software and Concurrency at the University of Malta - Multithreading