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A Monitoring Tool for Erlang with Trace Shrinking

The Larva monitoring tool has been successfully applied to a number of industrial Java systems, providing extra assurance of behaviour correctness. Given the increased interest in concurrent programming, we propose Elarva, an adaptation of Larva for monitoring programs written in Erlang, an established industry-strength concurrent language. Object-oriented Larva constructs have been translated to process-oriented setting, and the synchronous Larva monitoring semantics was altered to an asynchronous interpretation.


    Elarva+ adds an extra debugging aide to programmers by recording the trace which led to a property violation and returns a simplified trace which leads to the same property violation.

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Elarva Papers
[1] Simplifying Contract-Violating Traces, Christian Colombo, Adrian Francalanza, and Rudolph Gatt, In FLACOS, Bertinoro, Italy, 2012.
[2] Elarva: A Monitoring tool for Erlang, Christian Colombo, Adrian Francalanza, and Rudolph Gatt. In RV, San Fracisco, USA, 2011 (PDF)
The Toolkit

The user requires the Erlang Runtime Environment to be installed on the computer system.

How to compile:
The user can use the compiler by executing the following function: compiler:compile(system_name, script_path).

Input syntax:
For a complete reference manual as regards the ELARVA language see the ELARVA User Manual.

How to monitor:
The user should copy the compiler-generated files to the system folder to be monitored and call: master:start().

If you would like a copy of the tool, please fill in the following form, and we will send you the tool directly via email. Should you have any problems with the form, or fail to receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, please let us know via email.


Intended use and other comments:

The following is further material supporting the tool, and which may be downloaded directly:

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Department of Computer Science,
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