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Postgraduate Studies at the Dept. of Computer Science and AI

The Department of Computer Science and AI at the University of Malta currently offers postgraduate degrees (MSc/MPhil/PhD) by research only.

Entry Requirements

MSc by Dissertation in Computer Science (Regulations)

A good first degree with honours in Computer Science or a related discipline is required. However, if you do not satisfy this requirement, but you have a first degree (with or without honours) in a related area, you may be accepted to first take a Masters Preparatory Course. After successful completion of the Preparatory Course you will be eligible to register for a Masters by Dissertation in Computer Science.

The Preparatory Course is composed of a number of credits (both taught and by assignment) which your supervisor deems to be necessary to bring your degree up to the standard of a good first degree with honours. Usually, attendance at the University of Malta is necessary during this period. The duration of the Preparatory Course is of one or two semesters, depending on the number of credits you are required to take.

MPhil/PhD (Regulations currently not available online)

The entrance requirement for MPhil degrees is a Second Upper Class Honours degree or better in Computer Science or a related subject. A Masters degree in Computer Science or a related subject is required for PhD. Normally, the Masters degree must have been obtained by research.

The MPhil/PhD regulations permit MPhil registrations to be upgraded to PhD after a successful application after at least 15 months from the initial MPhil registration.

Course Duration

Degree Registration Duration
MSc Full-time 12 months
MSc Part-time 24 months
MPhil Full-time 36 months
PhD Full-time 36 months
(Part-time options are also vailable for MPhil and PhD)

Finding a supervisor

Undertaking a research degree requires that you have a supervisor who is able to guide your research, especially during the early stages, and who is able to ensure that your work is of the appropriate standard.

A Panel of Supervision is created to ensure that a postgraduate student is making sufficient progress and receiving appropriate guidance. The Panel is composed of the Head of Department, the supervisor, and an observer. When the Head of Department is the supervisor, a third member is co-opted as Chairperson. Although the Head of Department and supervisor are expected to be academic members of the Department of Computer Science and AI, the observer can be an academic appointed from any University department.

It is normally the student's responsibility to identify his or her supervisor, although the Department can appoint a supervisor if the student is unable to identify the most appropriate person to supervise their research. A good place to look for a supervisor is to visit the Department's Research and Development Groups and to approach the leader of the group which is most likely to cater for your particular interest. Alternatively, if your interest is not explicitly represented in any of the Research and Development Groups, please contact Chris Staff (, and he will forward your mail to the most appropriate academic member of staff. Please remember to include a description of your interest in your e-mail.

Whether or not you are required to undertake a Preparatory Course, your application to read a Masters by Research must include a detailed description of your proposed area of research. We appreciate that it can be difficult to adequately describe your proposed research topic, so we urge prospective students to contact potential supervisors as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the Call for Masters Applications. The Call is announced in the local press (usually in January, March and July). MSc registration is normally at the beginning of February and October. MPhil applications can be received all the year round, and MPhil registration can happen at any time.

Overseas Students

For information about tuition fees, and other relevant information, please visit the International Office.

Normally, students are expected to be resident in Malta during their registration period. However, if regular supervisions can take place at a distance, then it may be possible for non-resident students to undertake a Masters by Research through the Department. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he or she has access to, and pays for, adequate facilities and resources to undertake research and supervision at a distance.

If you are required to take a Masters Preparatory Course, you must be prepared to reside in Malta for at least the taught component.


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