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ICTSA Programming Competition 2010


The programming contest was held on the weekend of 26th February to 28th February 2010.

The logo was designed by Ian Galdies.


  • First Prize Students Category: AJaZ (Andrew Said and Julian Zammit)
  • Second Prize Students Category: TDGS (Kyle Pullicino, Adrian Duca, Kurt Portelli and Paul Felice)

  • First Prize Industry Category: Atlas Insurance Ltd (Karl Fenech)
  • Second Prize Industry Category: CasaSoft Ltd (Karl Cassar and Mark Cassar)

Past Editions of the Programming Challenge

  • The 2005 challenge was about packing irregular shapes together in as small an area as possible.
  • The 2009 challenge was about gerrymandering - organising voting districts in such a way as to give an unfair advantage to one political party.