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The programming contest was held on the weekend of the 27th February to 1st March 2009. Although the competition is over, the problem definition and the rules of the contest are still available.

The Participating Teams

  1. Beeef
    • Alessio Magro
    • Reuben Bartolo
    • Jonathan Caruana
  2. Unicus
    • Gianluca Valentino
  3. WM
    • James Scicluna
    • Kevin Falzon
    • Ingram Bondin
    • Andrew Gauci
  4. iLike
    • Andrew Borg Cardona
    • Michael Debono
  5. Eat Your Apple!
    • David Bailey
    • Andrew Calleja
    • Alan Cassar
    • Stephen Fenech
  6. dot
    • Marco Muscat
    • Joseph Borg
  7. HND4
    • Norbert DeBono
    • Matthew Xuereb
    • Andrew Vella
  8. CG
    • Andrew Said
  9. Village People
    • Darren Demicoli

The Results

The winning team was WM made up of James Scicluna, Kevin Falzon, Ingram Bondin and Andrew Gauci, with 720 points. The second team was dot made up of Marco Muscat after being abandoned by his teammate!

See you next year!