Second Workshop on
Formal Languages and Analysis of
Contract-Oriented Software

Malta, November 27-28, 2008
University of Malta, Department of Computer Science
Semantics and Verification Research Group


The ability to negotiate contracts for a wide range of aspects and to provide services conforming to them is a most pressing need in service-oriented architectures. High-level models of contracts are making their way into service-oriented architectures, but application developers are still left to their own devices when it comes to writing code that will comply with a contract concluded just before service provisioning. At the programming language level, contracts appear as separate concerns that cut across application logic, while analysis requires that contracts are abstracted from applications to become amenable to formal reasoning using formal language techniques. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working on language-based solutions to the above issues through formalization of contracts, design of appropriate abstraction mechanisms, and formal analysis of contract languages and software.

The workshop will consist mainly of a number of presentations by invited speakers. A small number of additional sessions will be reserved for other researchers in the field who are encouraged to submit a short abstract of their work as an expression of interest in participating in the workshop by 23 September 2008. The number of participants in the workshop is strictly limited.

FLACOS'08 is partially supported by the Nordunet3 project "Contract-Oriented Software Development for Internet Services" (COSoDIS).


Typical topics of the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Formal languages for contracts
  • Contract-oriented software development
  • Formal analysis of contracts, including static analysis, run-time verification, and model checking techniques
  • Contract synthesis
  • Contract transformation and contract refinement
  • Contract negotiation, discovery and monitoring

Invited Participants

  • Contracts in the Swedish Crisis Management System, Björn Bjurling
  • Service Contracts in a Secure Middleware for Embedded Peer-to-Peer Systems, Antonio Brogi
  • A Tool for the Design and Verification of Composite Web, Emilia Cambronero Piqueras
  • Runtime Verification of Deontic Contracts, Christian Colombo
  • Treaty - A Modular Component Contract Language, Jens Dietrich, Graham Jenson
  • Increasing Trust in Public Service Delivery - Contract-Based Software Infrastructure for Electronic Government, Tomasz Janowski, Adegboyega Ojo
  • Towards Verifying Contract Regulated Service Composition, Alessio Lomuscio
  • Security-By-Contract for the Future Internet?, Fabio Massacci
  • Cc-Pi: A Constraint-Based Language for Contracts with Service Level Agreements, Ugo Montanari
  • Classification of SOA Contract Specification Languages, Joseph Okika
  • Conflict detection in deontic contracts, Gordon Pace
  • Contract-Based Verification of Hierarchical Systems of Components, Sophie Quinton, Susanne Graf
  • Contract-Oriented Software Development for Internet Services - Where is the project now?, Anders P. Ravn
  • Service Oriented Architectures: The New Software Paradigm, Wolfgang Reisig
  • Specification and analysis of electronic contracts in CL, Gerardo Schneider
  • Permission to Speak: An Access Control Logic, Oleg Sokolsky
  • CREOL as a Framework for Service-Oriented Architectures, Martin Steffen
  • A Contract-Oriented View on Threat Modelling, Ketil Stølen
  • Integrating Contract-based Security Monitors in the Software Development Life Cycle, Isabelle Simplot-Ryl
  • An Aspect-Oriented Behavioral Interface Specification Language, Takuo Watanabe, Kiyoshi Yamada
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For any further information, you may contact us at flacos-08@cs.um.edu.mt